Basic Instinct – another back to the old days movie

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Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct

So until the other day I had no idea what Basic Instinct was even about, even though it’s been in our DVD for a few years now, courtesy of Jello Chick, all I knew about it was there was something about the Sharon Stone police interview scene, but even then I wasn’t sure what the big deal was because I’d only seen that clip edited.  Now… ah, so that’s the big deal… I’m not very impressed, though that was many years ago so many that was a huge deal at the time, or maybe it was for people my brother’s age (40) what Kate Winslet’s scene in Titanic was for people my age (25), the “WOAH!” scene for their generation maybe?

Moving on to the actual movie itself, I wasn’t overly impressed with the movie, though maybe that’s because I watched it right after American Psycho which impressed me very much, while making me feel kind of … icky is a good word here, icky.  Some of the Basic Instinct story seemed a little far fetched, like why would a cop who has a history like Michael Douglas’ character has, or why would any cop in general, decide to pursue such a potentially dangerous woman?  Being that Douglas clearly felt that Stone was the murderer who more than one time was involved with someone who died with her in their lives, and she surrounded herself with known murders for “inspiration” for her books, wouldn’t he feel even a tinge of fear?  Like “maybe this isn’t such a good idea to get involved with this woman, even if she is innocent, her friends aren’t.  Maybe I should re-think this,” but he didn’t.  Not at all, even when he was brought in for the interrogation after his fellow cop (and enemy’s) death.  While she’s been writing murder stories about people she’s close to, her parents and her lover, and she is writing a story about Douglas and promises that Douglas’ character will definitely die in her book, why does he pursue her?  That aspect of the story bothers me.

I do, however, really like the idea that not only is he involved with one woman who clearly is interested with the psychopathic aspects of psychology, his ex, and occasional lover still is also the police psychologist, and these two women used to go to the same university at the same time and knew of one another, which plays a bigger part later in the story, but we won’t go into that.  But I like that he’s eventually torn between the two women in his life who know so much more about the brain and how to manipulate people, and he has to choose a side, that part was fascinating to me.  And he chooses the right side, but doesn’t know it until the very end, and even then there is still that lingering danger that the music in the movie will never let you forget.  Whether he trusts her or not, whether she seems innocent until the very end or not, the potential danger with Stone never once goes away, and the director never lets you forget it, the score works wonderfully in continually amping up the tension, I loved that.

Overall I liked the movie, but I didn’t love it.  The aspect of Douglas pursuing, in more than a police aspect, this potential serial killer who is writing a book basically about him (where she never stops insisting that he dies) just bothered me all throughout and I just couldn’t get over that snag in the plot.  Did anyone else have an issue with that or do you have an explanation for why he kept falling for her, other than the aspect of dangerous sex?

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