It’s Shark Week! Time to watch Jaws again

August 4, 2011 1 Comment »

Being that this is my first time ever being really into Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, I decided that I would finally watch Jaws again for the first time in many years, I actually really didn’t remember the movie at all before I watched it today.

I love soundtracks, and this is probably the most simple soundtrack that I can think of, but it is really just fantastic.  I know everyone always raves about the soundtrack and score, but seriously John Williams did a wonderful job and none of you will be hurt by my mentioning his genius just one more time.

After watching the Great Whites on Shark Week and the way they act, and when they hunt and attack and what draws them, I think that Spielberg did a wonderful job in making Jaws.  The initial attacks are in the very early morning, which the scientists on Shark Week repeatedly say is one of the top hunting times for sharks, certain colors attracting sharks (like yellow, the guys on the boat in Jaws were leery about wearing life jackets and in the end decided not to).   I don’t know if they’ve touched up the graphics and the special effects in the 30-some years since Jaws came out, I wasn’t born yet, but in the version I saw today I think it holds up pretty well 30 years later.

I definitely will be making Jaws before Shark Week an annual thing starting next year.  Great movie, and a great way to start off a fun week of shark attacks on the Discovery Channel!  I love them both!

One more thought… when is Jaws coming on blu-ray?  I want that.

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