Peter Jackson found the time to film a second diary for the making of The Hobbit!

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Peter Jackson in Bag End

Last Friday Peter Jackson posted his second film diary of the making of The Hobbit on Facebook.

Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Diary #2!

This isn’t exactly a making-of video, but it does give you an interesting insight to how things are going for Peter Jackson and crew down in New Zealand.  The video is filmed right before the cast and a lot of the crew go on a “vacation” back to their normal lives for four weeks after finishing the first segment of filming.  It’s pretty cool that Jackson gave his crew so much time in the interview portion to talk about the random things they’re doing during the break, from going home to their family to getting hammered and of course going to Vegas and blowing most of their hard earned money they’ve made from the film.

The diary also provides some amazingly beautiful shots of New Zealand as Jackson and crew fly over the country in several helicopters to finish scouting locations for filming.  I found Jackson fairly entertaining himself as he plodded along through trees and flowing brooks to try and get a better view of the terrain.

If you’re looking for a few clips or even some general insight into the actual movie you won’t find it here, but it is definitely an interesting video that movie-goers should check out, and with the beautiful scenery and music from the Lord of the Rings soundtracks in the background the diary may still ignite some excitement for many viewers of the movies to come.

Here’s a link to Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Video Diary #1.

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