Experimento – Eric Brownrout

July 19, 2011 No Comments »

Experimento from Eric Brownrout on Vimeo.

While browsing through the DVXuser forums, I came across this very interesting clip created by Eric Brownroute from Calabasas, California. Created as an experimental video from a summer film camp, it’s very short but somewhat intriguing.

While not exactly a short film in the sense that it has no real story or character development, it’s a great example of how the mood can capture your attention. I found myself a bit creeped out watching this, probably due to a mixture of the noises, the eerie depth of field, and the dude’s creepy smile, but it definitely left me wanting to see some more. Could I see a whole movie like this? Hell no, but I could see this being implemented in a large picture.

Hope to see some more soon!

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