Star Wars Blasphemy

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Star Wars Blu-Ray

In April I pre-ordered the Star Wars Complete Saga blu-ray set from Barnes & Noble.  I didn’t receive it until a whole week after the blu-rays were released, I could have canceled the order, but I had a magnificent deal through some wheelings and dealings that ended up getting me the whole saga for about $25.  But my gripe and current strike against Barnes & Noble is a whole other topic, so let’s move on to what I actually have to say.

I know the whole argument that I’ve been hearing about this blu-ray set is that it wasn’t released in it’s original format, but that didn’t bother me when I bought it, and it really doesn’t bother me now.  I don’t remember the original movies, I wasn’t even a teenager when the special editions were released in theatre, so while I keep hearing Star Wars die-hards whine and complain about the movies not being the originals…. I just don’t care.  To me the only changes that really bother me are “NOOOO!!” in Return of the Jedi, which I haven’t even got to yet, and replacing the original Anakin at the end of Jedi with Hayden Christensen.  The rest… whatever, I don’t care that Greedo shot first.

I just finished watching Empire Strikes Back and I’ve already watched A New Hope and I just can’t help but wonder why there are so many die-hard Star Wars fans out there.  I mean, I loved these movies as a kid, I absolutely was mesmerized by them, but now I watch them and I just can’t help but notice how bad the acting is, even in the original trilogy.   Mark Hamill is a terrible actor in these movies, and fans just seem to glance over that, but he is really awful.  I know it’s blasphemy to question the original trilogy for anything other than the fact that the original versions haven’t been re-released, but whatever I guess I’m just going to have to be damned.  The story is pretty good, and the creativity George Lucas showed in creating these movies is remarkable, but these movies just do not hold up after all these years.   I simply cannot get over the horrible acting, and I haven’t even got to the prequel trilogy yet.

I’m sure nobody is reading this anymore, the comments section is probably filled with people telling me to go to Hell, along with a variety of more offensive things, but I will say that the blu-ray editions of this movie are pretty impressive.  The images and the sound are so much clearer in this release, the picture really is gorgeous.  If you can get over Lucas’ tweaks to his movies, and they are HIS movies just by the way, they are not the public’s, then I would recommend buying these movies someday, once the price goes down, if you really are a Star Wars fan.  I absolutely do not regret buying the whole saga, I only am questioning why these movies are so obsessively loved.  Blasphemy, I know, whatever.  Maybe I’m just too young and don’t understand.

Ok, feel free to pull out that blaster and blow me apart.

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